FCS Equestrian Center

Somewhere between the rider you’ve become,
the hours of practice you'’ve put in and the
instructors that have pushed you is the little girl
who fell in love with the sport and never
looked back.
Author: Justyne Albright

Contact Justyne Albright:
Phone: 717-880-1354
Email: [email protected]

Farm may be seen by appointment.
111 Oaklawn Drive
Rincon, GA 31326


  • "Justyne started with my daughter last winter, helping her with our paint. Amy had only been seriously riding a year, and was not progressing with her previous instructor. Our..."
    Holly Boulay
  • "Having lessons with Justyne is fun and I am learning so much in just a couple of months with her. I would not want anyone but Justyne to work with. She is a great teacher and I ..."

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