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Somewhere between the rider you’ve become,
the hours of practice you'’ve put in and the
instructors that have pushed you is the little girl
who fell in love with the sport and never
looked back.
Author: Justyne Albright

FCS Saving Grace

On Friday June 7, 2013 I received information from Forever Morgans ( a Morgan Horse rescue) that a 7 week old Morgan filly was at New Holland Auction/Slaughter in the care of a broker. They were raising money to save the orphaned foal but with little donations and no home offers it was not looking good. I was planning on donating to the foals fund and offering to foster the foal until a forever home could be found. Forever Morgans then asked if we could adopt her instead as we are an approved home from taking on recuses in the past and there were little donations made towards her bail out fees. My husband, Dave, and I had a lot to consider because an orphaned foal her age would need bottle fed until weaned onto milk pellets. Not to mention the expense of the milk replacement and pellets. Although she was unplanned for us, we decided to take our savings for vacation and adopt her instead. On Monday June 10, 2013 we left right from work to go pick up the scared, hungry foal- whom we later named Grace.

A horse her age learns how to be a horse from their mom so it was important to try to match her up with one of our mares so she could learn to be a horse. Our 12hh Welsh pony, Sasha, chose to take on the role of foster mom. We are currently nursing Gracie’s cuts from being at the broker lot, but I am happy to say she is a normal, healthy foal. She is no longer nursing from a bottle as Sasha has successfully taught her how to eat her milk pellets from a bucket.  The vet has checked Gracie and concluded that she is a very healthy foal that should mature to be around 16.2hh (much taller than her foster mom).

A couple days after we had her home we got an update from Forever Morgans on her full story. A couple days before she landed in the hands of a kill broker, Gracie was happily spending her first few weeks of life with her mom in a nice large pasture near a country road. However, her life turned tragic when an unknown person(s) decided to drive up to the pasture in the middle of the night and use the large mare for target practice. The shots they fired into the field killed Gracie’s mom. The owners reported the incident but the case went cold with no witnesses. Now with an orphan foal and no other mare accepting her the Amish family took her to New Holland Auction where she was bought by a broker. Forever Morgans also shared with us that her mom was registered with the Morgan Horse Association; therefore, we will be submitting Grace’s registry paper work in hopes to register her as FCS Saving Grace. FCS standing for our farm initials and the initials of my first Morgan horse-Fields Creek Sparkle.

Grace’s story will be featured in the York Daily Record-evening paper, July 2013. Most are aware of cruelty that happens to dogs and cats, but equine cruelty occurs just as often and is just as severe. Please pass Grace’s story along and help end equine cruelty!

Grace at auction:

Grace and Sasha:



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