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Somewhere between the rider you’ve become,
the hours of practice you'’ve put in and the
instructors that have pushed you is the little girl
who fell in love with the sport and never
looked back.
Author: Justyne Albright

Fields Creek Sparkle

Solid Bay Registered Morgan Mare; April 28, 1982. DOD September 8, 2013. Sparkle is FCS' mascot and the reason we are in business. She is Justyne's very first horse that became hers at the young age of six years old. They have an unbreakable bond. This bond is what drove Justyne to strive for her own farm and to teach riders as well as horses. Justyne most of all loves working with abused or abandon horses as she wants to give every horse the chance to be loved the way Sparkle has been loved all her life. Although Sparkle is now 30 years old she still has tons of spunk and is the favorite among kids who visit the facility. She is still an active member in helping young kids achieve their girl scout badges as well as a confidence builder during camps. At no moment does she allow her age to slow her down!

FCS Justa Lil Sparkle

Georgina was born on our farm on June 23, 2016. She is Sparkle's great-granddaughter. She is so much like her grandma and great-grandma. The family resemblance in unmistakable. She is a blessing and will be Justy's next show horse when the time comes. Right now she is happy to be playing in the field. We are hoping a half sibling will be joining her in 2017. Check out our Facebook page for more pictures and videos of this sweet girl!  

Georgina's sire is HCTF The Raven. He is the brother of our FCS WinningMood (Wellington). 




Fields Creek Kelly O

Registered Morgan Mare. June 1, 1989. Kelly O is Sparkle's only daughter. Bred by Justy's aunt, Kelly is one of the family favorites next to Sparkle. Kelly adds to Sparkle's spunk and love of life as her daughter has always been the world to her. When Justy's aunt got out of horses she decided to sell Kelly. Eleven years and three homes later Kelly is back with her mother at FCS Equestrian Center thanks to Forever Morgans. Sadly, her last owner decided to take her to auction which landed her in the kill pens at New Holland. Thankfully, Forever Morgans rescued her and was able to contact Justyne. Thanks to many donations and her wonderful foster home, Kelly is now back with Sparkle at her forever home!




Coachman's Castamarah

Registered Morgan mare.  May 28, 2001. Cassie is one of Kelly's daughters and the mother of Georgina.

FCS WinningMood

Registered Morgan Gelding. May 15, 2010. Check him out on our Sale/Lease page!


WH Dun Invested To

Callie is a season lesson and show horse. She is a sweet 15.1hh stocky Quarter Horse mare.



Sasha is FCS' 2002 Section B Welsh pony mare standing 12hh.

Blazn Intrigue

Registered Arabian Gelding: April 10, 2004


FCS Saving Grace

Morgan mare. Please see her own page. April 28, 2013


FCS Henny Penny

Penny is a very sweet grade pony yearling. Check her out on our sale / lease page. This little girl will make a perfect kids pony when she is all grown up. 



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